How to buy a League of Legends account

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games. Millions of people play it around the world, and it is constantly evolving. There are more than over 50 million active players a month. Therefore, many people want to buy a lol account to join in on the experience. Also, many people want to buy league of legends accounts cheap. Most of all, they want to have an enjoyable experience. A lol account can offer many benefits and make the gameplay more immersive. It can allow you to get a head start and jump into the best action. However, there are many websites offering lol accounts. Also, the process can seem difficult. Additionally, people tend to have concerns about security and protection. A common question seems to be whether buying lol accounts are safe.

In this guide, we detail the reasons to buy a lol account. Also, we explain how you can avoid scams and find the perfect lol account.


Reasons to Buy a lol Account

There are many reasons that someone would want to buy a lol account. We will detail some of the most common reasons to buy a lol account. Also, we will delve into whether these reasons are realistic.



  • Make Gameplay more interesting.

    One of the best benefits of buying a lol account is that it can make gameplay more interesting. Also, there are certain aspects of gameplay that you can only enjoy at a certain rank. Therefore, buying a lol account means you can enjoy league of legends to the max.


  • No time to gain skill

    Whilst it can be fun training up in lol, it can also take a lot of time. Not everyone has the time. Therefore, one key benefit of buying a lol account is that it frees up time. This means you don’t need to spend hours leveling up. You can simply buy an account and start spending time on the best parts of the gameplay.


  • Rank faster

    Additionally, you can also rank faster through buying a lol account. It can streamline the process. Also, it means you don’t have to waste any time trying to level up your account. When you buy a lol account, it means you can also rank faster with it.


  • Enjoy exclusive aspects of gameplay.

    League of Legends have aspects of gameplay which they reserve for certain accounts. This may mean you miss out on some of the best parts of the game. Buying an account gives you exclusive access to the full lol experience. You can view more information about tiers here.  


  • More exciting games

    Also, this can include more exciting and tense battles. Lower level battles don’t quite have the same appeal as the high-level contests. When you buy a lol account, you get instant access to some of the fiercest and most appealing battles.


  • Boost in self-confidence

    There comes a high level of prestige and satisfaction with having a high lvl lol account. This can boost your self-confidence and improve your gaming performance. Overall, it means that you are likely to enjoy the game more.


  • Highly qualified rivals make your skills better.

    The best way to hone your skills is by battling with the best. Buying a lol account gives you quick access to some of the best rivals in the game. You can learn more from them than other low-level opponents. Also, you can develop your skills at a faster rate.


Benefits of Buying a lol Account

There are some specific benefits of buying a lol account through


  • Unverified Email

    Firstly, all orders come with an unverified email. This gives you the freedom to customize your profile. Also, it means you can remove all previous traces. You have full control of the account. Overall, it means that you are the full owner and will not run into any issues.



  • Instant Delivery

    Additionally, all orders come with instant delivery. This means there are no waiting times. Furthermore, you can simply order and have your lol account ready to play. Overall, you receive the fastest option to buy lol accounts.



  • Full protection

    All orders are confidential, and there is full protection on your private details. This gives you extra peace of mind. Overall, it means you can have the confidence to buy a lol account.



  • Choice of Payment Methods

    Additionally, there is a wide choice of payment methods. This provides flexibility. Also, it means that there is protection for your purchase. The Paypal guarantee allows complete security.


Unranked vs. Ranked Accounts

One important consideration will be whether to buy a ranked or unranked account. There are various pros and cons to each side. Also, it is easy to buy a lol account unranked or to buy a lvl 30 lol account. There are many benefits towards buying a ranked account. Usually, it would take months to obtain a high rank for an account. This can be highly time-consuming. A ranked account offers more prestige and allows you to experience the best aspects of the game.


The advantage of buying lol accounts is that they are already ranked. Overall, they are ready to play, and they save you a lot of time. The difference between ranked and unranked decides if you can play casual or competitive games. A ranked account means you can jump straight into the competitive action. It means you don’t have to waste time playing casual games. Usually, these are less enjoyable and have a lower skill level. A ranked account allows you testing your skills against the best players. Also, this allows you to improve your own skill set.


Account Servers

The servers of the lol accounts will also be important. Many services offer limited locations or poorer locations. However, at lol-accounts, we offer many different high-quality servers. The location of the server can be immensely important towards gameplay.


You can buy a lol account from a North American server. Generally, these servers contain intense gameplay. Also, they have some amazing tournaments. Additionally, the difference in servers also helps to solve any language barrier problems. You can buy accounts from different servers. These include Europe, North America, and Brazil. This flexibility means you can choose the server that is right for you.


Usually, there is a fix for the account on which server they can use. However, there is a purchase option to change servers. Before buying an account, you should be sure of which server you would like to play in. You can check the live online status of servers on the official lol website.


Identifying lol Account Scams

Unfortunately, there are many lol account scams. The popularity of the game has led to many scam companies opening. Also, it can be hard to tell between legitimate companies and scam ones. But, there are some vital clues that you can follow.



  • Doesn’t offer unverified email

    You should be wary of any account that has an email in use. This will make it much more difficult for you to change the email address. Also, it leaves your account vulnerable to being taken back.

    If you want to read more you can read it here: lol unverfied accounts



  • Offers Limited Payment Methods

    You should be wary of any payment methods that are not recognizable. Paypal is genuine and trusted. However, other payment merchants can steal your details. Generally, if you do not recognize the payment type, then you should not purchase. Additionally, they may accept cryptocurrency as payment. There is a risk with these payment methods of you being unable to recover your funds if anything goes wrong with your order.



  • Website isn’t secure.

    One easy way to spot a scam is by looking at the security of a website. Most web browsers can identify whether a website has SSL security. Therefore, it is check which websites are secure and which aren’t. You should be wary of any website which doesn’t have this security as your information may be insecure. Additionally, they may try to steal your bank account information.



  • No Reviews

    A lack of reviews is a key red flag. If a service is good, then they will likely have many reviews. On the contrary, a bad service is likely to have 0 reviews. This allows them to scam users without repercussions. A website that doesn’t allow reviews will most likely have something to hide about their service.




  • Is buying lol accounts safe?

Yes, buying lol accounts from is very safe. We are a reputable company. Also, we have many positive reviews of our service. You can take a look at the experiences of many happy users. We do not hide anything about our service, and we fully disclose the full steps of the process. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about the service. 


However, other services may not be safe. Therefore, you should look at our tips above to spot any signs of a scam.


  • Is buying lol accounts fast and easy ?

Yes, buying lol accounts from means you can have your account available instantly. Moreover, it is very easy to process payment. Also, there is support available if you have any questions. The fast support means problems can be resolved very quickly. Most importantly, it means that you can start playing league of legends as soon as possible.


The buying process is designed to be quick, easy and efficient. The aim is to get a player in the game as fast as possible. There are no forms to fill and no difficult registrations. Also, the entire process is straightforward and easy to manage.


  • Can information be changed after purchase?

Yes, you can change your email and password after purchase. You have full ownership of the account. There is no way to trace the account to anyone else. Also, it is easy to have your personal email address on the account. The lol accounts do not have any email confirmations which makes this process very simple. You can have peace of mind that the account fully belongs to you.


  • Is there support available after my purchase?

There is a quick support system available for all lol account purchases. It can answer any questions you may have and resolve any issues. Also, it is helpful and able to answer any questions that you may have about your order.


  • Can I get banned for buying lol accounts?

There are some activities that can cause a ban. This includes botting and other things which go against the guidelines. However, the lol account that you buy are legitimate. There is no risk of them getting banned. They are available to use for long term, and you shouldn’t have any concerns about Riot Games banning your account.



You will now have a better idea of how lol accounts can drastically improve your gaming experience. Additionally, you will know the benefits of buying a lol account. Also, you will have a better idea on how to avoid lol account scams. League of Legends continues to be a highly immersive and innovative game. Buying a lol account is the perfect way to maximize enjoyment.


Also, you can be sure that buying an account from is safe and secure. It is the best place to buy lol accounts cheap. The buying process is quick and fun. The ultimate goal of buying lol accounts is to be able to play as fast as possible and to have an excellent gaming experience. A lvl 30 lol account offers the best way to enjoy the game to the maximum without needing to spend endless hours ranking your account.