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Unverified E-mail

If you are looking to purchase a new League of Legends account you’ve stumbled into the right place. Buying a LoL account today can be very dangerous because you never know who previously owned the account. So if you have bad luck someone will take the account back in the future or reset the e-mail/password.
Therefore we ensure you that this will never happen with accounts from

How? Because all of our accounts are created by us and we never verify the e-mail. This gives you full control over the account and you can verify the account yourself without having to contact us.

What benefit does this have? Once you’ve verified your own e-mail to your League account you will be the original owner of the account. What this means is that there is no chance of the account being taken back by any previous owner, since there are none!

Instant Delivery

You as a customer always want to have stuff instantly, buying accounts from eBay and other sites will take time for them to process the order and send out your account information. We solved this issue by developing our Instant Delivery System(IDS)

IDS will automatically process your order and give you the login details right when you check out. We have the fastest delivery because we know how important it is to get everything instant.

If there’s any chance that you entered wrong e-mail or didn’t get your login information you can contact us and we will help you ASAP. We will respond within minutes to help you out.

In conclusion we’re the fastest option for you if you’re looking to get a smurf right now.

Save Time

There’s a reason why people buy League of Legends accounts, and it’s pretty simple. You will save time. In other words, use that time playing ranked instead of leveling. As a result you will become a better player and enjoy the game more.

The time it takes to level a new account until you get the champions or unlocking ranked will take months of your time. With our accounts you will be ready to play ranked right after checkout.

Safe purchase

Not only do we provide unverified accounts for your safety, we also have the safest payment system available. By using PayPal you can chose to use any card or your balance to purchase a League of Legends account. PayPal is the safest method as a customer, because they offer “PayPal Purchase Protection” You can read more about it here

Frequently Asked questions

Is it safe to buy accounts from

Simply put, Yes. Our site is SSL encrypted, using Paypal as payment processor and you are protected with “Paypal Purchase Protection” Not only is the site itself safe, your account is also safe since all of our accounts are unverified and you will be the originial owner of the account.

How long will it take for me to get my account?

With our Instant Delivery System(IDS) you will get access to your account right after you purchase it. If you put in the wrong e-mail in checkout or for some reason didn’t get the information you can simply contact us and we will respond within minutes.

Can I only pay with Paypal?

Paypal support a lot of payment methods. You can chose to buy with any big credit card like Visa, Master Card, AMEX or Discover.

Can I change my e-mail and password of my account I purchase from you?

Yes, all information is changeable once you bought it. Head over to the League of Legends website and login with your account information. Then you’re able to change your e-mail & password under settings.