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Buying a League of Legends account

If you’re looking for a new League of Legends account you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of unranked League of Legends accounts that are ready for ranked play. Buy the champions you prefer to play with the Blue Essence you get with the account and jump into ranked seconds from now.
Over the years we built a great reputation among the other sites by having the best customer support and great accounts.
Today we are one of the most trusted suppliers and our support will gladly help you out if you have any doubts or questions. If you want to get in touch with the support you can use our Contact Page or Facebook Page

Since we’re the most reputable account seller right now there’s still plenty of reasons why to chose us over any other site. We care about our customers and we know how important it is to get your account straight after checkout. That’s why we developed our own Instant Delivery System(IDS) that will send out account information automatically once you make an order. This makes it extremely easy for you as a customer to buy a LoL account.
Safety is also a high priority so we make sure to have the latest SSL certificate on the site to keep you safe. We also use PayPal as payment gateway since they are the safest alternative for the buyer. When you buy LoL account through our site with PayPal you get covered by PayPal’s ‘Protection for Buyers‘ which is essentially the best protection you can get when buying digital products.

The instant delivery feature is a fully automatic system which picks an unranked LoL account from our database and provides you the information right after the purchase. The account information will be sent out to your e-mail. This feature is something that makes us unique. When buying from most League of Legends account sellers you are forced to wait after your purchase. This can be very tedious and as a customer you always want your product right after you paid for it! So if you want a cheap League of Legends account and don’t want to wait for it, make sure you buy it from us!

Accounts sold on the site are leveled by hand and have 0% chance of getting banned for botting which is one of the most common bans today when purchasing smurfs. So you won’t have to be scared of getting banned on your new account. We guarantee you instant deliveries immediately after purchase 24/7. We will always try to stay on top of our competitors, so if you have any complaints or suggestions for us don’t hesitate to contact us about your concerns. Remember, we are the number one seller of cheap League of Legends accounts and we’re here because we love smurfing.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to buy accounts from

Yes, our site is secure, safe & encrypted for your safety. All payments are made through Paypal which is the safest payment processor on the planet – for the customer.

How long will it take for me to get my account?

Our accounts are delivered instantly upon purchase. If you didn’t receive it, please check your spamfolder since sometimes they can end up there. If you still got nothing, please contact us! You can use the contact form on our contact page(can be found in the menu or at the top of the page)

Can I only pay with Paypal?

Right now our system is based around Paypal, which works with any credit card. If you have any issues with your payment let us know and we will help you out!

How do I change the password & e-mail of my account?

You can change your information of your account by visiting and login with your credentials that you got delivered by e-mail. After that you can simply change the password & e-mail of your account! If you have any problem with this make sure to contact us and we will help you out!

from our customers

Best online experience
This is probably one of the best League of Legends websites I’ve come across. Their design is flawless and gives you a feeling of quality and great customer service. I got the full experience from my purchase and couldn’t been more pleased. Thank you

Instant delivery indeed
I wasn’t really expecting my account to get instantly delivered, since I’ve only bought accounts from eBay before, and this is totally different. I legit got it under a second after I paid, very nice!

Taken care of
I’m not used to getting treated this nice online, but their support was great and responded quickly to all my questions. Ended up buying an account and it’s as advertised. Don’t hesitate buying from