The biggest factor when you are buying a League of Legends account

You are in the neighborhood of buying a League of Legends account but you need to take a few things into consideration. Buying League of Legends accounts today can be a risky business because you never know exactly how it’s gonna play out. The account might be working fine for now, but what happens in a week, a month or even a year after you’ve bought it?

This guide is for you that want to take that extra step of security and prevent getting scammed in the future.



Is the account verified already?

This is the first thing you should be looking at before you even think about buying a new League of Legends account.

If the account is verified it should be a hard pass. Even if they are giving you the “original e-mail” it won’t prevent any original user to take it back. How is that?

Well, since the original owner has access to the original IP adress, first created e-mail, first purchase, RP purchase history and other stuff that might connect them to the account and prove they are the first and real user you are never safe buying an account from another player.

Don’t do the mistake and waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars buying a great looking account with all champions, skins or challenger rank. Just don’t.

One day they will take it back, no matter how much they got paid because they are gonna sell it to someone else again.

You might end up spending a whole year playing on that account and thinking that everything is gonna be just fine, then suddenly one day it’s all gone and all your hard effort and work will be gone.


How to get unverified accounts

There is a chance that you might stumble upon a unverified account, for example you can read our guide on how to buy a lol account.

All accounts that we sell are 100% unverified and we will tell you how to go through with the verification that will end up getting you as the only and original owner of the account.

Once you login to your account purchased from you will get a prompt with this message:

Make sure to press the Change your email to get to the next screen.

In the next screen you can chose a new e-mail which will let you get a verification code to your new e-mail

Once you’ve entered the new e-mail you want to be as the “original e-mail of the account” press submit.

You will then see a screen which validates that you got an e-mail sent out to you, login to that e-mail adress and verify the account

Once you’ve logged into your e-mail you should get a link on verifying your account

Once you’ve pressed the button everything should be all good and you should be able to login to your League of Legends account.



Don’t be stupid and buy a verified account. It’s a stupid investment because chances are, the original owner is gonna take it back.

That’s why we only sell unverified accounts on our website, to ensure your safety and that you can feel comfortable having an account that’s truly yours.