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Frequently Asked Questions

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I did not recieve any account information after purchase
Make sure that you check your junk mail folder! If it still is not there please send an e-mail to or use our contact form
What will my summoner name be ingame?
The name of the account is randomized, although they sound legit and catchy. If you are not satisfied with your name you can always buy a namechange for 13900 IP in the shop
Is it really instant delivery after purchase?
Yes! We have developed a system that automatically send out your account information right after purchase. If you have any questions about our instant deliveries please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.
What happens if I get banned?
On our champion accounts we offer lifetime guarantee. This only applies if you get banned for account sharing/selling/buying. If you get banned for using 3rd party software / hacking / bad behaviour, this is not something we support and cannot replace your account.
Is Teemo Satan?
The real question you should be asking is why Riot decided to name satan Teemo.