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Did you know that over 90% of the League of Legends player base are gold and below? That means that only 1 out of 10 League of Legends player reaches Platinum and above. That’s a lot of time, effort and potential going to waste

Like you we were searching for a better ways to improve at League of Legends but all felt like dull guides, and most of the guides were hard to read and far to expensive.

So we started with a simple goal: to create guides that anyone can take use of and reach their true elo.

After a lot of research and development we came up with the “challenger effect”. By carefully selecting our content and professional League of Legends players to analyze we have now created a place where all League of Legends players can take part of.

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“I started in Silver 4 and ended up Gold 4 after just a week playing. I have played in silver for 2 years now and the guides are great.”

– Sanchez Diao, Gold 4.

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“I used to go up and down like a elevator between my ranks, ended up getting a huge win streak and even started to skip divisions.”

– Carl Sanden, Platinum.

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“I grinded 7 days a week, for about 5 hours per day, now I have better ranks playing only a few hours every other day and still climbing. Good tips and tricks, and it’s completely free which insane, I would pay for this”

– Gustav Nyberg, Diamond.