Championship Riven returns

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Will they ever return Championship Riven?

It seems like the famous Riven skin: Championship Riven will return later this year(upcoming championship) quote from BuboBubo:

Will you ever bring back Championship Riven?
Yes, we are working on a plan to bring Championship Riven back for Worlds this year.
Specifically, we are looking for a solution that satisfies both existing owners and players who love the skin but were unable to get it the first time around. This is tricky because while players love the skin for the content, while others value it more because she’s rare.
We’ve discussed a handful of options but haven’t settled on one. Would love to hear your ideas and feedback on what solutions could work for both groups.
– Riot BuboBubo”

Those who bought their League of Legends account simply with this skin will probably be sad. This was not completely unexpected since they’ve stated previously that it will be available once again in the future.

Let’s hope they add some kind of border to those who bought the first Legacy edition of this skin.