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LoL Sales

League of Legends sales are something that’s limited for a certain amount of time. Deals change every week on champions and skins. There are a few spreadsheets online where you can predict the upcoming sales of certain champions or skins. Using this method can help you save a ton of money. Buy your favorite skin to a discounted price, that you would end up buying anyways.

There are also bundles that comes for a limited time where you will save a few bucks on buying the entire collection of champions combined with the new skins. If you are a collector you know how valuable the skins will be for you in the future! Just look at championship Riven, if you had the “legacy” one you know that your account is worth more than average.

There’s other skins that makes your account be valued more, they usually contain any of these skins: King Rammus, Human Ryze, Black Alistar, Silver Kayle, Judgement Kayle, Victorious Jarvan, Championship Riven, PAX Twisted Fate.
By having any of these skins on your account you can expect a very high value, since the skins are not available any more and cannot be obtained in any way.

Championship Riven recently got released again, but as a 2016 version, where it looks the same but it doesn’t have the same value as the standard one.

LoL Sales