How to not get banned

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Avoid getting banned

Since Riot can decide to terminate any account at any point there’s a few main points that would like to point out in order to keep maximum security and lowest ban rate possible.

Crucial steps on not getting banned

Play normal games

If you play some normal games before you jump into ranked your account will look far more experienced than going into ranked immediately. If you stomp the elo you are at you will drag attention to you and it can make other people believe you bought your account. This will make other people report you or even open a ticket so they will investigate your account. If Riot then decides that you have bought an account it can possibly lead to a suspension, and you do not want that. Even though we offer our customers 30 days warranty we always suggest you to play a few normal games.

Change e-mail & verify it BEFORE you start playing

If you lose your account password or account name you need to change the e-mail of your account to something personal. This will also secure it and prevent hackers from getting access to your account.
By verifying your e-mail you will also get the e-mails from Riot including their reason behind a ban, which is crucial for us in order to replace your account.

Do not buy RP the first 30 days

Since we offer a 30 day guarantee we cannot refund the RP that you have purchased on your account.
However keep in mind that we cannot refund any amount of RP you have purchased.

Do not use any 3rd party programs or scripts

If you decide to use any 3rd party applications or programs including scripts and get banned for that reason we cannot refund the account. If you decide to use anything that’s not allowed by Riot it will be your own risk and your account will be more exposed to getting banned.

Don't be that guy

By being nice to your teammates and opponents in the chat they will ignore the fact that you might be smurfing or have purchased an account. It’s the players you play with and against that will open tickets or report you ingame, and you need to do everything in order to avoid those reports.

Do not contact Riot

If you open a ticket / e-mail Riot they might look into your account and see that it has been purchased. They will then suspend your account.
If you got hacked/lost password or username please use the automatic forms “forgot password / e-mail”, since this will not make Riot personally handle your case.

Still got banned?

If you followed these guidelines and still end up getting banned within 30 days please contact us with the following information:

  • Order ID
  • Server
  • Account name
  • Account password
  • E-mail from Riot with the reason of suspension

We will investigate the issue and replace the account.